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Pasteurized tea product from Phitsanuloke 2 rice seedlings

Publish : Tuesday 01 March 2016 By Naritsara Sakulson จำนวนผู้เข้าชม 507 คน

ยังไม่มีคะแนนสำหรับบทความนี้ ผู้อ่านสามารถให้คะแนนบทความได้จากปุ่มข้างใต้

Vegetables and fruits containing high antioxidant which assisting in oxidation  resistantance of fat and other molecules and also protecting people from some critical illnesses such as cancer or   Ischemic heart disease.           Phitsanuloke 2 rice seedlings is 114 cms tall‚ the rice crop is straight with green leaves and dense in ear of rice. The paddy rice has light brown color with a length of 7.3 mm and a width of 2.1 mm and a thickness of 1.6 mm. The synthesis processes proceed within 8 weeks. From the survey of Rajamangala University of Technology of Lanna Phitsanuloke campus‚ it discovered that the Phitsanuloke 2 rice seedlings was on the top list that 22 groups of agriculturists used to harvest in “alternate wetting and drying (AWD)” paddy field for 97 rais and 44 rais in rice parachute transplanting. Agriculturists used some of the remained seedlings after the transplanting to produce pasteurized tea product from Phitsanuloke 2 rice seedlings. The product assists in oxidation if it is boiled in 70 degree Celsius water for 5 minutes. The product adds more marketing value and develops the capacity to become export products bringing income and benefit back to the community under the standard of Food Safety and Food Security.

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